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Robert Bucknell’s new book, Going Foxing, follows on from his very successful first book, Foxing with Lamp and Rifle, which was first published in 2001. The fact that this book is still available and continues to sell to established fox shooters or those wishing to take up the sport, gives an insight into the books popularity. Some even go so far as to call it the foxers ‘bible’. Foxing with Lamp and Rifle was republished in 2008 and changed from the original soft cover edition to a hardback. It was updated and grew by four extra pages, eight additional photographs along with eleven replacements.

Both books show Robert’s extensive knowledge of the fox’s natural history along with his long experience and expertise of firearms and his reputation as an accurate shot. All this is reflected in the advice and tips that are contained in these well-illustrated books.

His new book, Going Foxing, contains over three hundred photographs, which along with the covering text brings further knowledge to the subject. The spread of the red fox into parts of the British countryside, where it was rare in the past, has brought it into conflict with many wildlife preservation groups. Its predation of ground nesting birds has been a limiting factor to the re-establishment or even survival of some endangered species. The fox is gaining ground in many urban environments and its killing of pets can again bring it into conflict with man. In one survey it was found that pets made up eight percent of the fox’s diet. Going Foxing must be read alongside his first book as the two compliment each other.

About The Author

Robert has been interested in foxes for as long as he has been aware of them. He grew up on a farm so has always had foxes to study. The idea of the hunted fox being able to evade all that was set in its way, to often escape, intrigued him. This early respect grew in spite of the many tales about the fox that often seemed false when viewed against his direct experience of the animal. The fox was a threat to farmed stock and to the game shoot that was run on the farm. To try to outwit or catch or kill this intelligent animal only increased his respect for the fox. The more knowledge he gained, the more he realized how little he knew about the clan fox. Foxing with Lamp and Rifle was the distillation of many years and much hard work as Robert is very dyslectic. But as Johnson said, it is a poor man that can only spell a word one way. The book is an overview of the subject and for the first time a book is available spotlighting this area of vermin control or sport, depending on one’s view. It has become a large success in its small pond. The books success has taken Robert out and about to give talks to many different wildlife or shooting groups. He also helped with the peer reviewed scientific paper on rates of wounding by the use of firearms against foxes. This was with the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group. Being asked to be an expert witness and to help where foxes were involved in cases in law has also broadened his experience. He hopes that any decision about the fate of the fox is taken with the best knowledge of the animal.
Going Foxing - Robert Bucknell - 2010

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